Whitetail Deer Hunting the Swamps of North Carolina
Swamp Hunting was a natural fit for two hunters who grew up as best friends, Phillip Huneycutt and Garrett Lowder.
With limited areas to hunt in our younger days we would hunt small patches of woods or game lands. For some reason we would always hunt the property line, it always looked better on the other side. As we grew up we leased our own land & tried some hunting clubs, but still were not satisfied. Over the years we have taken a lot of deer, but not the quality we were looking for.

About ten years ago we took a trip to the swamps of the eastern North Carolina. At first we hunted the dry areas and took some good deer, but not until we saw the bucks chasing does in 2 to 3 feet of water did we understand how to swamp hunt.

The Annual Trip:

Load the excursion for three days of hunting.
Hook up the trailer that holds all the climbing
stands, gangbox full of supplies and the mammoth 5' x 6' cooler with 400 lbs. of ice.
Travel five hours to the camp ground where our
31' camper resides. Get there about 10:00 pm, get up at 3:30 am and head to the swamp.
Trek 1-2 miles to our (GPS) designated spots, set-up and wait for light. Once light, It's on like Donkey-Kong.

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